YASC Europe 2022


YASC Europe (Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference) returned in person for the first time since 2019 and welcomed over 700 clients in London at the InterContinental London, the O2 for two days of learning, networking, new solutions and an evening of entertainment.

Yardi’s Neal Gemassmer, vice president for international opened day one alongside Rob Teel, senior vice president, Megi Cara, solutions consultant and Kevin Yardi, vice president, global solutions.

Gemassmer began by welcoming 500+ clients, 10+ Yardi partners, 125+ companies and 125+ Yardi staff with attendees coming from 15 different countries to experience over 120+ classes across two days.

Yardi Growth

Since the last in-person YASC Europe, Yardi now has over 8,000 employees, 1,500 developers with 50% of staff being client-facing. Yardi has grown by 20% and now operates from 44 offices globally. “On a global basis, we have about 50% of our headcount outside of North America which is amazing,” expressed Gemassmer.

Even as our company grows, Yardi is still focused on giving back to our communities. Gemassmer showed how we have been supporting over 300 charities, with 29% focused on social services, 29% hunger relief and 42% physical and mental health.

Industry Update

Rob Teel provided an industry update and said, “Throughout the year, I’m lucky enough to meet with many of the global leaders in real estate – across all asset classes. I would like to share what I’m hearing from many of you and your peers.  And, for each asset class, I’ll share some innovations that Yardi is delivering to help you achieve your goals.

“It’s no secret that office assets are facing some headwinds. Vacancies are creeping up, but there are some themes that the most successful landlords are focused on – tenant experience and amenities are two of the most common that I hear about.  You might be surprised to know that Yardi actually has three employee apps now – Yardi Novo, Yardi Kube and WeWork WorkPlace,” Teel continued.

“The Yardi Kube app is for coworking and flex, but some clients are actually using it for office owners to help them manage their rent space and flex space within traditional office buildings – so not necessarily related to coworking or flex. The Yardi Kube app allows you to book conference rooms, pay for conference rooms using credits and monetise conference rooms and event space bookings and more,” Teel added.

Residential Market Highlight

Megi Cara provided an overview of What is Residential, showcasing how the residential industry has expanded and Yardi is providing the tools to help simplify and easily manage portfolios, including bespoke websites, a resident app and a connected platform that helps deliver a great service.

“There are different categories of what residential can consist of, such as build to rent, student, co-living and single family homes. Over the past three years, we have developed and built a completely end-to-end platform to benefit each area of residential,” said Cara.

Elevate Showcase

Kevin Yardi, vice president, global solutions then gave a commercial and investment management update. “Now, everyone in this room is familiar with Voyager, our accounting backbone. But you might not know about Yardi Elevate. Elevate is for everyone in the real estate organisation above the accounting team – the business. Asset Manager, execs, operations. It might surprise you to know that 1/3 of our clients have now adopted at least one Elevate module.

“Elevate is extending the reach of Voyager into different conglomerates and organisations,” continued Yardi.

Yardi clients experienced over 120 classes, diving into commercial, build to rent, student accommodation, coworking and more, exploring how Yardi’s solutions can be utilised to enhance processes with additional tips and tricks to using the software.

The evening provided exciting entertainment from The Chaps, Europe’s leading feel good party band, and the talented Chris Fleming who shocked and entertained both clients and Yardi teams alike with his magic and mind-reading.

Feedback from Clients & Team Yardi

“It’s great to be back at YASC 2022- the best YASC ever – and network with friends, co-workers and clients. We can’t wait for YASC 2023!”

“Had the most amazing time at #YASC this week, what a fantastic opportunity to meet our clients and our extended teams sharing knowledge and product insights. Thank you to all who made it possible – my first and best YASC ever!” said Megi Cara from Yardi.

“This week I attended #YASC2022 Europe! It was great to spend some time with the LIV/Cortland team and gain some insight into the future of Yardi and BTR solutions. It’s clear that the multifamily/residential sector has no signs of slowing down anytime soon!” said Lucy Womersley from Cortland.

“It was great to be with my Hines colleagues in Europe at the #YASC2022 conference in London. I was joined by Liina Pasenau and Dylan Trivette. Lots of great information about proptech from partners, vendors, and industry peers,” said Patrick Hauger from Hines.

“YASC in London has been a great pleasure to attend. These days have been a time of learning, but more importantly, I have got the chance to personally meet the wonderful people I work with every day!” said Martina Parrinello from CBRE.

“An amazing week in London hosting over 700 clients and partners back in person at YASC 2022. Kudos to Team Yardi and my amazing colleagues. And a big thank you to our clients and partners that attended,” said Neal Gemassmer.

Join us next year, Nov 7-8, for YASC 2023 at the InterContinental London, the O2!