PlaceTech hosted Yardi and a selection of their proptech clients and contacts including AWS, the Instant Group and Future Places, for a networking event at MIPIM in Cannes.

Watch our short video above.

Ben Wright, executive director, The Instant Group. He said: “I think every industry needs leaders with vision, I think the real estate industry is in a really unique place. Because customer preferences are changing so much. The offices as an employee engagement tool are really at a time they haven’t been in for 100 years, which is a real reimagining. And to get anything done, you need visionary leaders to move us forward in that, towards that future.”

Richard Gerritsen, senior director for Europe at Yardi: “In order to nurture a vision, and to nurture visionary leaders, it is really important that the real estate industry doesn’t only see the industry as different from other industries, but actually learn from industries, from peers in other industries. There are a lot of examples in the financial world, in the investment world, where technology and where innovation is being driven, and has led to a complete or a partial transformation of companies. And that is something that is still lacking in the real estate industry.”

Virginia Scapinelli, real estate innovation lead, Future Places: “My favourite way of displaying leadership at MIPIM is via those conferences, with experts giving us an outlook on what is the future going to look like.”

Adam Burstow, business development executive, AWS: “The next big challenge for real estate in the next three to five years is to broaden the focus from commercial value into social value, obviously aware of trends around sustainability, but it’s understanding real estate’s position across the value chain and how it can deliver social value at each stage. In my role, I focus on aspects of the technology of that. And I think technology has an enabling role to play but broadly that’s going to contribute to bigger questions of social value and the social returns that real estate can offer.”

In addition to property management software implementation and support, Yardi offer a number of services including SEO and PPC management, call center answering and full-service invoice processing and payment.