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GREEN Real Estate is in the process of building a best in class organization that supports the entrepreneurship, growth and development of the company. One of the pillars of such an organization is continuous insight in data availability of business information. GREEN Real Estate, a real estate investor and developer with numerous projects in urban areas of the Netherlands.

Watch the video to hear about the latest insights to the future of asset management and how to create long-term value on real estate assets by Green Real Estate. We’ll be also discussing the role of data as well as the role of technology in creating long-term value.

“We don’t want to make a quick profit at the expense of others. From this point of view, as a company you can sometimes grow not as significantly from a financial aspect, but you also don’t lose so much either, when relationships become really important”.


Richard has been CEO of Green Real Estate, real estate investor and developer for over a year now with a focus on locations and areas where multiple functions converge, such as living, shopping and working. In recent years, Richard has gained broad experience in various sectors and in various roles within the real estate market


Regional Director Europe for Yardi since 2005 and helps the Yardi Europe organsiation grow each year from strength to strength.


CEO & Founder of network organisations Holland Con & PropTech and Global PropTech. In 2019 Holland Con & PropTech has been awarded with the Best Association in the world and won the Global PropTech award in New York