European Client User Group Sessions September 2021


Yardi would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent online User Group sessions. Our goal for having these online meetings was to provide updates from our side, but also to learn from end-users across Europe on how we can help them get the most out of our solutions. It was good to see the sessions become interactive, discuss topics and interact. We hope to be able to meet all attendees in person again soon.

During the sessions we provided some highlights around key developments, continued growth and focus on innovation, which resulted in a substantial number of clients implementing or using various solutions we offer under the Yardi Elevate Suite. If you would like to learn more about the Elevate products, please visit the YASC classes on Client Central or schedule a focus session with your account manager

EU Market Standards & Compliance
An important topic for User Group meetings in Europe is the update on developments done to support clients in their efforts to comply with local legislation. Our annual User Group meetings will remain a vital component of our approach.

Next to country specific solutions we offer, we touched on developments for the European region as a whole: e-Invoicing, mandatory in various countries in Europe, adopted by a growing number of clients and our EU VAT solution, which provides a single framework to support VAT Returns in multiple countries, delivered to multiple clients already.

For more information about our Market Standard & Compliance efforts, please visit Client Central for a dedicated class on EU Market Standards & Compliance or speak to your account manager.

Missed the user groups? Access them through Client Central
If you weren’t able to join all the User Groups that you wished to attend, you are welcome to access Client Central for our handouts, which include the presentation and the notes of each meeting.