How to Speed Up Unit Turns & Building Maintenance with Yardi Maintenance IQ

In the dynamic realm of build to rent (BTR), you need to be able to swiftly transform vacant units into appealing homes for new residents. A property manager’s responsibility is to ensure that these units are well-maintained and are promptly available for occupancy. Yardi’s Regional Director, Justin Harley, notes that if a BTR property with […]

“The right technology with AI can revolutionise business processes”

HI HEUTE editor-in-chief sat down with Yardi Senior Director Richard Gerritsen at MIPIM last month in Cannes to discuss digitalisation, artificial intelligence and Yardi’s goals for 2023. HI HEUTE: After the end of the pandemic, daily office life has returned to normal in many companies. How is it in your company? Is there still a lot […]

How Yardi Helped Reduce the Leasing Planning Cycle by 40% for EMAAR Properties

Yardi recently spoke with EMAAR Properties to see how Yardi’s end-to-end solution helped EMAAR transition from reactive to proactive in business planning and making data-driven decisions. EMAAR is a multinational conglomerate and property development company located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It operates in six major business segments with 60 active companies and has a […]

5 Ways to Enhance the Resident Experience with a Resident App

Staying engaged and keeping your residents happy is a key part of building a thriving community that boosts occupancy and success. In HomeViews Build To Rent Report 2022, developments utilising Yardi technology were rated higher by residents on every HomeViews review category than developments not using the software. Those using Yardi software scored higher for […]

Think Tank: What’s In Store For Portfolios?

Earlier this month, Yardi and Property Week brought together a panel of expert asset managers to discuss what the portfolio of tomorrow will look like and what that means for asset managers and investors, what is driving the shift to more diverse portfolios, and how technology and alternative skillsets are helping the sector. Panel of experts What will the […]

Save Time with An All-In-One Procurement Solution

Digitising processes can seem daunting and you may worry about transferring your data onto a new platform. However, with a need to save money on expenses, property owners are looking into ways to cut costs and save time. Processing payments for various products and services that keep your properties running smoothly is an inevitable expense, which […]

The Building Of The Future Is In Reach, If The Real Estate Sector Is Willing To Embrace The Tech

The building of the future has the potential to mix asset classes in a much more beneficial way for tenants — if only developers and landlords know how to deliver it. That’s the message from Yardi’s Regional Director, International Solution Consulting Fay Chester. If technology is used to its full potential, real estate developers and […]

HomeViews Resident Ratings Reveal How BTR Developments Benefit from Yardi Solutions

The build to rent (BTR) sector is experiencing rapid growth following the current housing demands, purchase cost inflation and changing consumer needs. Living in rented properties for longer and relishing the sense of community that comes with BTR developments is becoming both a preferential option and a means to satisfy lifestyle choices for many. As […]

Data is only effective when you have a strategy in place to use it

Yardi’s Richard Gerritsen sat down with Kirsi Simola-Laaksonen, chief information officer for Citcon, Nick Wright, head of digital sales for CBRE and Andreas Hoffman, managing director for Cromwell at the EPRA Conference 2021 to discuss the topic of data. In the past as an industry, we’ve spoken about data at events, in person and online […]