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Improve the Tenant Experience with an End-to-End Solution

Technology has advanced rapidly and improved the way we live and work. However, when we think about improving the tenant experience, we don’t see technology as the first step. People expect a quick and frictionless experience in everything they do, from checking their emails on their phones to accessing information from any device. You need […]

Digital Transformation in Property Management

The Property Technology Festival (PTF) brings together over 300 senior delegates from Asset Management (AM), Property Management (PM), Facilities Management (FM) and Community Management (CM). Hosted in Dubai, the event focuses on digital-led innovations impacting the real estate sector. Yardi’s Said Haider, senior director of Middle East Sales, presented how technology unifies organisations with increased […]

Introducing the Yardi team in Mainz – Musa Afsar

We are pleased to introduce Musa Afsar as our new team member. Musa started as Technical Account Manager (CSD) in our Mainz office in May. To get to know him better, we asked him 6 questions. What motivates you most about your professional tasks? MA: It fills me with pride when I have mastered a […]

Digitising investment management processes for smarter decision-making

The topic ‘Digitising investment management processes for smarter decision making’ made for an interesting discussion at the Invest Tribe at Space UK’s London BWT event on Wednesday 29 June. Fay Chester, international solutions consulting regional director for Yardi, hosted the discussion along with co-hosts, Rachel McIssac, managing director at AEW Investment Management LLP and Jonathan […]

Digital convenience should also become common practice in the real estate market

Nowadays, we can order groceries and food with three clicks on our smartphones, board a plane using a QR code and order packages online in no time from companies like Bol.com or Coolblue. That convenience, but also the insight associated with working digitally, should also become common practice in the real estate market, argues Jan-Willem […]

Three Property Developers on The Software That Is Making Capex Control Possible

Cost certainty in construction has rarely been so scarce. Brexit, the pandemic and the situation in Ukraine are all impacting materials and labour costs. Whether a developer is constructing an industrial warehouse, a new neighbourhood in London or a variety of schemes across Ireland, managing capex is complex. “The best way to keep a handle on capex throughout […]

How Can BTR Operators Differentiate in a Crowded Market?

The build to rent (BTR) sector continues to see rapid growth following the ongoing housing crisis in the UK, recent house price inflation and change in consumer demand. Consumers of the property market are beginning to idealise living in rented properties for longer and enjoying the sense of community that comes with BTR developments. With […]

How Will the PBSA Sector Evolve?

The UK’s Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sector continues to evolve rapidly, as we see domestic student numbers returning to normal post pandemic and maturing demand. Operators in the market are witnessing change in what students desire from their accommodation, with an increase in concern about the quality of safety, security and lifestyle. But with […]

How Can a Connected Solution Improve Collaboration in Real Estate?

Real estate is an industry filled with spreadsheet reports, manual processes and disparate systems. The modern office may include more smart technology, but it still faces challenges with multiple systems, inaccurate data as well as outdated thinking about the “right” data. Having technology in place that is designed for supporting your business decision-making and being […]

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